Friday, July 2, 2010

Reunion 2010

Lincoln has a twin brother and he serves in the Navy EOD? Here's proof.

Lincoln (left) seen here with Linus

Linus and Mike
Lincoln and Mike
Lincoln, Linus and Mike
Lincoln, Linus and Mike again
Linus, Lincoln and Mike

Group photo of Linus with Team BETA, SEAL Team 10

doly from OSW introduced me to a neck modding tutorial on OSCF. Adapted the knowledge and made the neck post longer for Lincoln Burrows. Now he has neck!!!



onesixth.hobby said...

I'm surprised to see you managed to put helmet and headset on Burrows. Well done! You have a really nice site here. Looking forward to some updates and pics. Cheers!

Tay Hwah said...

Hi onesixth.hobby. Yup the huge noggin of Lincoln Burrows is a pain in the A**. I have found that Soldier Story comms and helmet do fit but also realised that Soldier Story does not have a standard chin strap length. This particular helmet is from the 10th SFG set, long chin strap that needs alot of tugging and pulling.

You have got very nice kitbashes. Looking forward to seeing more.