Saturday, August 30, 2008

Group Buy for HT British Army Lieutenant and British Army Tank Commander (for those in Singapore only) CLOSED


Obviously there will be rules.
1) Once u r in, u cannot opt out. That's why I am not collecting any fee from the pre-order.
2) There could be damage to the box set while shipping. What I will do is draw lot for selection order. This is to ensure there is no favouritism while distributing items.
3) Price will be announced via private emails. I am not trying to compete with the toy shops and thus I do not want any attention.

Tay Hwah
tayhwah AT yahoo DOT com

Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

PAYPAL Funds for sale (US1 = SGD1.53)

If u buy items off EBAY and need to pay in USD, u wouldn't want to use ur credit card and have the banks charge u more than u should be paying. I have accumulated enough US funds in my PAYPAL personal account and I would like to sell them at a rate that should be better than wat credit card companies are offering.

Rate as of 22nd November 2008.
US1 = SGD1.53

Funds available as of 22nd November 2008.
USD 400.00

There are a couple of items to take note of.

1) Transferring US funds into personal account is FREE. Transferring to business account will incur a 5-6% surcharge.

2) Please email ur contact number to me. You should have a record of my phone number in case this is a SCAM. It serves to protect u and protect my reputation.

3) Bank transfer of Singapore dollars to my POSB Savings Accounts and once I have confirmed the funds are in my account, I will proceed to transfer the US funds to u and request a verification as soon as possible.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Custom Patches. US15 per A4 printout on cloth.

I make custom patches and print them on A4 cloth. Items are mostly requests from members on OSW and they provide a guide on the size in 1:1 scale or 1:6 scale so the patches look correct on the 1:6 soldiers. Samples listed below are some of the styles I have done. If u need 1:6 scale patches done, do drop me an email and we can work things out.

OD Collar rank.

Country flags.

Custom patches.

Iraqi SF patch.

Pirate flag used by Navy SEALs

Callsigns, Morale Patch and Bloodtype

SF Patches

UK, NZ and Aussie Patches