Saturday, August 16, 2008

PAYPAL Funds for sale (US1 = SGD1.53)

If u buy items off EBAY and need to pay in USD, u wouldn't want to use ur credit card and have the banks charge u more than u should be paying. I have accumulated enough US funds in my PAYPAL personal account and I would like to sell them at a rate that should be better than wat credit card companies are offering.

Rate as of 22nd November 2008.
US1 = SGD1.53

Funds available as of 22nd November 2008.
USD 400.00

There are a couple of items to take note of.

1) Transferring US funds into personal account is FREE. Transferring to business account will incur a 5-6% surcharge.

2) Please email ur contact number to me. You should have a record of my phone number in case this is a SCAM. It serves to protect u and protect my reputation.

3) Bank transfer of Singapore dollars to my POSB Savings Accounts and once I have confirmed the funds are in my account, I will proceed to transfer the US funds to u and request a verification as soon as possible.


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